Bewl Water is the largest freshwater lake in South East England, and supplies water to some 2,000,000 Southern Water customers. It also has a perimeter path stretching something over thirteen miles all the way round, and when Vicky suggested a Bewl Water walk, it sounded like a good idea at the time!! Certainly it is a very attractive place to be, extremely quiet and peaceful, and although only Vicky with Gus and Milly Moon were there to greet Jackie & myself with Caspar and Harley, we all set off in good heart. We split up after a couple of hours when Jackie had to retrace her steps to where she had dropped Harley's lead, and so Vicky went on ahead. Being of an older generation and appreciating the stops for views and refreshments (aka pain recovery time!!) we did take slightly longer to finish the Bewl circuit/route march. But at the end of the day we felt that our five hours walking time compared quite favourably with Vicky's four hours, taking into account our ancient forty year generation gap !!!!

Not sure if we'd be up to doing it again, but maybe with a car strategically placed at the half way point, or by taking the half way round summer ferry across the lake, it might seem more attractive - once the swelling and blisters have gone down. It was in fact a great day out, so here are just a few photos to give a flavour of how the camera never lies, and how agony and exhaustion can be made to look almost attractive.